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Round 2: Flavor of Love's Deelishis comes out swinging, releases single Deelishis wins Flavor of Love2, loses Flav, rebounds

News: DC Livers invited to Young & Restless set. Meet the cast starting November 15. Photo supplied by Deelishis. You're listening to an excerpt of "Rumpshaker." Used with permission.

( - She already beat out contender "New York" for William Drayton a.k.a Flavor Flav's heart. Now, Flavor of Love star Deelishis opens the flood gates in her surprising exclusive and uncensored podcast interview with Black Press Magazine's DC Livers.

"I admit, I really wasn't feeling Flavor of Love/Charm School before I interviewed these women for the podcasts on," said DC Livers, managing editor for the Historical Black Press Foundation. "But, after talking with them on the phone, meeting them in person, seeing them handle themselves with the media and at parties, I have to say I have a lot more respect for them."

Chandra " Deelishis" Davis comes out swinging during her exclusive podcast interview with Black Press Magazine.

Speaking about her pregnancy, her baby's daddy, getting her heart broke by Flavor Flav and her leaked "wedding photos."

Deelishis doesn't hold her tongue as she sets the record straight about her sexuality, the x-rated photos making their rounds on the Internet and her budding singing career with the release of her new single, "Rumpshaker" and the hot new Deelishis REMIX featuring Trina at

Listeners wil also hear what Deelishis has to say about the TV show, Charm School and which cast member is in trouble if she sees them on the street.

To hear Deelishis' new single click on the "Anniversary Party Mix" showcasing unsigned artists. To hear other Charm School/Flavor or Love podcast interviews with Krazy, Larissa, Schatar, Leiline, Saaphyri and Shay, visit and search keyword: VH1 or Charm School.

To listen to a podcast, visit Use keywords to search your desired topics in the archives.



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